How to set custom configuration for Nuxt.js generate task

When working with Nuxt.js and static website generation there could be a case when you want to output the static assets in a directory different than the default _nuxt/.

You can change the publicPath property of nuxt build section on nuxt.config.js. But in this case running the nuxt application in development mode will result in errors of missing files.

Nuxt.js tries to resolve assets in public/ directory

We can fix this by creating a separate config for generate task. In the example bellow, you can see a newly created filenuxt.config.generate.js where we extend the default configuration by updating the publicPath property.

The last thing to do is to configure the generate task in the package.json to use the custom configuration

Now when running npm generate on your Nuxt.js project it will generate the static files in public directory your static website will be able to successfully resolve the paths of static assets.

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